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Cast basalt tiles are fabricated by casting of melted basalt into metal molding boxes.

The tiles manufactured in such manner has excellent properties and, consequently, is widely used in various industries where successfully withstands mechanical or chemical attacks. Also, plates made from basalt are in demand in the places where an original aesthetics is required, where it is necessary to stand out of the pack and to make an unusual view for the interior. Cast basalt tiles are manufactured with smooth and skid resistant surfaces, in the form of mounting bases (L-sites) and slabs of the specific shape.

The color range of basaltic plates is defined by character of a natural material and cannot be impregnated or painted. Originality of a basaltic plate is created by the individual exterior of each plate.

Properties of tiles made from cast basalt:

  • High compressive strength of 3.5t/sm2;
  • High hardness; 
  • High wearing quality;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Good resistance to chemical attack;
  • Low-temperature stability;
  • Hygienic and ecological safety;
  • Long term service even at the adverse conditions of maintenance.

Cast basalt tiles have passed tests for deterioration and moisture resistance, certificates of conformity to standard DIN 51130 are obtained based on those examinations; the tiles are referred to class R10.

Cast basalt tiles are commercially applied in following industries:

  • Chemical production (lining of reservoirs, hoppers, cradles, industrial floors);
  • Mining industry (lining of pipelines, hoppers, cradles, chain conveyors, industrial floors);
  • Processing departments and warehouses (construction of floors);
  • Proving grounds of car and automobile tires manufacturers (construction of proving grounds with different surface unevenness).
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