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LLC "EUTIT-UA" is the joint Ukrainian-Czech company founded in 2000. Our company is the exclusive representative of EUTIT s.r.o. plant, which is the manufacturer of stone casting. Company EUTIT s.r.o. is the largest manufacturer of products from cast basalt with production volume over 20000 tons a year.

Basalt is a stone falling into the materials which durability surpasses thousand years. It is a natural material which is melted down in a gas-fired shaft furnace approximately at temperature of 1280°C. At the temperature 1200°C basaltic melt is moulded in sand or metal moulding boxes, whence it is pulled out after crystallization and laid into a tunnel kiln for a stoving before refrigeration (16-21 hours). Its excellent combination of physical properties can be used first of all in the industry. Our basalt production plant has its customers practically in all industrialized countries.