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Basalt lined hydrocyclones

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Hydrocyclones are used to separate finely shredded material into drainage and sand, sometimes for dehydration and deslimation and for some types of ore dressing in heavy suspensions. EUTIT-UA LLC produces hydraulic cyclones according to TU U 28.9-31158639-005:2012.

Hydrocyclones is an apparatus consisting of cylindrical and conical parts. Hydrocyclones are very simple by design, have high performance, small footprint. This is one of the major advantages of these devices the hydrocyclones are used in many industrie.

Our stone molded (basalt) lining will greatly increase the lifespan of equipment exposed to abrasive and aggressive wear.

We accept orders for manufacturing lined stone casting scrubbers Venturi, Cyclone and other equipment, according to your specification.

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