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Acid-proof powder

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Serves as the filler in an acid-proof luting and is applied in production of a lining from stone casting for protection of apparatuses and constructions against affecting of chemically severe atmospheres. Represents a loose material which is not balled up and does not set by water.

An acid-proof powder is applied in carbonators, salt receivers, bittern collectors, leaching vats, pickling baths, autoclave liquids collectors, pressure tanks for acid, acetaldehyde production reactors, tanks for hydrogen nitrate, coolers for vitriol oil, collectors for weak sulfuric acid, separating tanks for sulfuric acid, separable boiling kiers for paper pulp, etc.

Physicochemical properties of the acid-proof powder:

  • Quality level and the corresponding standard - technical specifications TU 21 USSR 220-79
  • Acid resistance in hydrochloric acid - Not less than 90%
  • Acid resistance in sulfuric acid - Not less than 97%
  • Grain-size distribution:
    • A sieve residue of 1.6 mm (on mass) - No more than 0.5%
    • A sieve residue of 0.063 mm (on mass) - No more than 43%
  • Moisture content, no more – 0.5%
  • Poured bulk density, kg/m3 - 900-1300
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