Manufacture and sale of industrial equipment and products of fused basalt

The unique properties of products

Fused basalt has a high wear resistance (Mohs hardness - 8 pcs.)
Acid resistance Zero water absorption

Our products unique: it produces a small number of plants around the world.

Technical properties Cast basalt Eucor
Volume weight 2900-3000 kg/m3 min 3500 kg/m3
Compressive strength min 300-450 Mpa min 350 Mpa
Flexural strength min 45 Mpa min 35 Mpa
Grinding hardness DIN 52106 max 5cm3 / 50cm2 max 0,75cm3 / 50cm2
Maximum operating temperature 400°C 1000-1100°C
Thermal conductivity 1.9-2.2 WmK (20-1000°C) 5.8-2.6 WmK
Thermal shock resistance 150°C/h, min 50 cycles 950/20°C/h, min 20 cycles
Water absorption 0% max 10%
Chemical resistance H2SO4 max 9% of weight max 8% of weight
Dielectric capability 110 mm3 30 mm3
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